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Organic Acres Farms

Organic Acres Farms is the largest grower of organic inulin-rich vegetables (such as Jerusalem Artichokes) south of the Mason-Dixon line.

About Us

Bruce Wallace isan organicfoods producer/farmer in Wheaton, MD that sells inulin rich produce to local consumers and donates surplus to food kitchens in MD and DC (with 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency status) and participating schools in the Farm to School Initiative (established by the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation, Maryland Department of Agriculture, and the Maryland State Department of Education). Inulin rich products are important to diabetics that want to reduce and control blood sugar naturally.

Our product line includes Dandelions and Ehirory greens and roots, Elecampane, Jerusalem Artichokes,and Wild Yams. These products are rich sources of inulin and levulan (polysaccharides that are converted to natural sugars that can be easily assimilated by diabetics).

If you are interested in our products, we only sell wholesale. Please see our business listings in
Local Harvest , Foodtrader, and Maryland's Best.If you are a wholesale buyer and are interested in our products, please contact us at the above sites, or on the Contact Us link on this page.